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Before Benghazi, there was Ganjgal

Before four Americans were abandoned and left to die in Benghazi, there was the ambush at Ganjgal. Read the account in the Marine Corps Times. The following links are separated into three parts – all in PDF format.

Part I (Cover)

Part II

Part III


Ambush at Ganjgal: Important links

More important links will be coming concerning the Ambush in Ganjgal. Contact Susan Price at:

1.) McClatchy story on the Ganjgal Ambush:

2.) Ava Maria video from You Tube:


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60 Minutes: Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush

60 Minutes Interview: Dakota Meyer on the Ganjgal Ambush (Click here)

Important background information

Informative links:

1.) The Terraine in Ganjgal Valley, Kunar Province Afghanistan:

2.) Battle of Ganjgal:

3.) Ganjgal investigation shows lack of support from 10th Mountain Division:

4.) Marine Valor Awards:

5.) Video on Aaron:

6.) Fallen American Hero Marine, Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M Kenefick’s funeral September 2009:

7.) […]

My son Aaron

Aaron in Afghanistan

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